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The Hobson City Public Library is committed to promoting access to information, reducing barriers to the digital world and increasing literacy. The library offers citizens of all ages a safe and quiet space to work, play and meet. In addition to books, the library is equipped with computers with Internet access and a colorful children’s room full of educational toys and cozy beanbags. A big round table is available for gatherings. The library offers area residents a place to access information, connect with each other and spend time outside of their normal routines.

The Hobson City Public Library is located in the center of town, right in front of the newly revitalized J.R. Striplin Park.

For more information about the Hobson City Public Library, contact us:
Hobson City Public Library
610 Martin Luther King Drive
Hobson City, AL 36201


Today’s technology dictates the demand and need for computer knowledge from people of all ages. Computer classes are offered throughout the year and are advertised around town. From month to month, class times vary, based on trainer availability and in order to accommodate weekday, evening and Saturday attendance during the library’s hours of operation. Each class is a one-time workshop and is scheduled for one, two or three hours of instruction and hands-on training. For this reason, customers are encouraged to repeat a class several times, in order to strengthen their skills, before moving on to the next level of classes. Our year-round schedule allows for this kind of repetition in the learning process.

The majority of our scheduled computer classes and digital assessments are currently offered on a walk-in basis and seats are filled on a first-come, first-served Sign-in process that begins one-half hour before class begins.


Hobson City Library Out of School Program provides homework assistance, computer literacy, and library skills for students in grades K–12, and daily literacy enrichment activities for elementary school students. The program operates after school Monday – Thursday from 3pm to 6pm.

Hobson City Out of School activities and programs promote traditional literacy as well as literacy in science, technology, and cultural arts. It also introduces students to the many library resources and materials that are available, free of charge, to help them with school assignments, applying to college, and eventually securing meaningful employment.

Hobson City early founders had faith to believe in building a town. Now we must use that same faith to sustain Hobson City future.

Barbara Bisby BoydState Representative